Taban Infertility Center as one of the best equipped infertility centers in one of the best parts of Tehran has the best medical and paramedical staffs. Be it.

The different sections of the center are as follows:

Acceptance: All electronic and computer and have different card readers.

Waiting Area: It has a spacious lounge equipped with a TV and a seating area with ample amenities and amenities for patient waiting.

Hospitalization: It has very comfortable and comfortable standard beds for patients that uses the appropriate cooling and heating system. Human resource estimates are based on standards and are commensurate with the number of patients. It also has ample facilities for patients, Iranian baths and green facilities.

Operating Room: It has standard rooms and is equipped with advanced American and European systems and all surgical instruments of this complex are also made in Germany.

All foreign medicines used are provided by the Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health.

Anesthesia Staff: Experienced anesthesia staff are highly specialized and highly rated in this center, not to mention even one injury under surgery. This is due not only to the anesthesiologists, but also to the sophisticated and sophisticated systems and devices, as well as to the principles of patient safety that are important to the cause.

Medical staff of doctors and surgeons: All of them are renowned physicians of Tehran have done their duty in this center so that Hamda … The number of referrals to this surgery center is so large that there is a separate unit for referring different patients. It has been created by qualified doctors.